BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developUpdated Sage version to 6.5.beta1Volker Braun6 hours
masterUpdated Sage version to 6.4.1Volker Braun9 hours
public/tensor_modules-15916First pass of reviewer changes.Travis Scrimshaw3 hours
u/andrew.mathas/ticket/17383Adding additional reference to developers guideAndrew Mathas93 min.
u/azi/adding_option_for_computing_a_total_dominating_setFollowing Nathann's guidanceazi8 hours
u/chapoton/13993trac #13993 fixupFrédéric Chapoton15 hours
u/jdemeyer/ticket/17317Trac 17317: Factor out computation of p**rJeroen Demeyer16 hours
u/jdemeyer/ticket/71Trac #71: unpreparse in tracebacksJeroen Demeyer14 hours
u/ncohen/17384trac #17384: Slowness when calling Graph(a_dictionary)Nathann Cohen13 hours
u/vdelecroix/17385trac #17385: various optimizationVincent Delecroix83 min.
6.5.beta1commit f16112c7a8...Volker Braun6 hours
6.4.1commit 76b4ac437e...Volker Braun9 hours
6.5.beta0commit 4cd153a457...Volker Braun7 days
6.4commit 21d9db209c...Volker Braun9 days
6.4.rc2commit 7fd80aa1d6...Volker Braun12 days
6.4.rc1commit 8b95db3200...Volker Braun3 weeks
6.4.rc0commit d990119b84...Volker Braun4 weeks
6.4.beta6commit 36c150e491...Volker Braun6 weeks
6.4.beta5commit 9876879b8d...Volker Braun6 weeks
6.4.beta4commit 6996fd88b6...Volker Braun8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
9 hoursUpdated Sage version to 6.4.1HEAD6.4.1masterVolker Braun6-10/+10
9 hoursTrac #15316: Make gf2x respect SAGE_FAT_BINARY and use --libdirRelease Manager9-37/+1208
12 hoursTrac #17346: The sage-bdist script is not executableRelease Manager1-0/+0
12 hoursTrac #17349: R fails with version `GOMP_4.0' not foundRelease Manager1-25/+30
12 hoursTrac #17375: Maxima should not need a working C compiler to runRelease Manager5-5/+26
25 hoursTrac 17375: Maxima should not need a working C compiler to runu/pbruin/17375-maxima_compile-6.4Peter Bruin5-5/+26
2 daysAlways use out ATLASu/vbraun/r_fails_with_version__gomp_4_0__not_foundVolker Braun1-23/+28
8 daysMake sage-bdist executableu/vbraun/the_sage_bdist_script_is_not_executableVolker Braun1-0/+0
8 daysDisable openmp in binary buildsVolker Braun1-2/+2
9 daysUpdated Sage version to 6.46.4Volker Braun6-13/+10