BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developUpdated SageMath version to 7.6Volker Braun41 hours
masterUpdated SageMath version to 7.6Volker Braun41 hours
public/combinat/cythonize_CFM_element-22632Fixing Cython not inheriting _rmul_ and _lmul_ from different signatures.Travis Scrimshaw35 hours
u/chapoton/22681trac 22681 fixing one doctestFrédéric Chapoton17 hours
u/dimpase/sqliteupdateupdating sqlite to version 3.17Dima Pasechnik5 hours
u/malb/22643-fplll-upgradeupdate fplll/fpylll to 5.1.0/0.2.4devMartin Albrecht10 hours
u/mforets/laplace_transform_involving_time_shiftsUse symbol_table for giac -> sage conversion.Marcelo Forets32 hours
u/mkoeppe/backend_polymake_for_polyhedronPolymakeElement._sage_: Implement for *Vector, *Matrix, QuadraticExtensionMatthias Koeppe6 hours
u/mkoeppe/polyhedron_methods_using_the_polymake_pexpect_interfacePolymake: Fix tests whose error messages changed because we do not use filesMatthias Koeppe8 hours
u/novoselt/R_plotsLet R pick up system/user configuration filesAndrey Novoseltsev9 hours
7.6commit 8204e97c49...Volker Braun41 hours
7.6.rc2commit d496ba45a1...Volker Braun7 days
7.6.rc1commit c8ef5acf33...Volker Braun10 days
7.6.rc0commit 457b9503e6...Volker Braun2 weeks
7.6.beta6commit fd5f71ada3...Volker Braun3 weeks
7.6.beta5commit 36bcfa606a...Volker Braun4 weeks
7.6.beta4commit 03f3642cc1...Volker Braun6 weeks
7.6.beta3commit bf876cbd5a...Volker Braun7 weeks
7.6.beta2commit 375d4ee776...Volker Braun8 weeks
7.6.beta1commit ac31f23ba5...Volker Braun9 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
41 hoursUpdated SageMath version to 7.6HEAD7.6masterdevelopVolker Braun6-13/+10
7 daysUpdated SageMath version to 7.6.rc27.6.rc2Volker Braun6-10/+10
8 daysTrac #21884: giacpy_sage doctest failure and new libsingular cf.type == n_unk...Release Manager2-3/+4
8 daysTrac #22101: Upgrade to giac- Manager8-12/+2232
10 daysUpdated SageMath version to 7.6.rc17.6.rc1Volker Braun6-10/+10
11 daysadd a patch to update giac's config.guessu/frederichan/giac123Frederic HAN1-0/+2220
12 daysTrac #22570: Various fixes to (lib)GAP workspacesRelease Manager6-70/+142
12 daysTrac #22585: rst2ipynb doctest failuresRelease Manager1-4/+4
12 daysTrac #22458: Temporarily disable Jupyter XSRF check in local notebooks to fix...Release Manager2-1/+7
12 daysTrac #22432: Upgrade Jupyter notebookRelease Manager4-8/+8