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public/manifolds/Schouten_Cotton_YorkBibliographic references for Schouten and Cotton tensors moved to the master ...Eric Gourgoulhon18 hours
public/matroids/fix_chow_ring_ideal-21761Fixing the quadratic ideal of the Chow ring of a matroid.Travis Scrimshaw10 hours
u/chapoton/21751trac 21571 wrapping 2 range with listFrédéric Chapoton13 hours
u/dgulotta/modular_symbols___is_cuspidal_sometimes_incorrectly_returns_falsefix typoDaniel R Gulotta8 hours
u/dimpase/muzS6removed broken user-supplied Sigma dict parameter;Dima Pasechnik11 hours
u/jhpalmieri/simplicial_setsSimplicial sets: add _latex_ methods to the constructions.John H. Palmieri10 hours
u/mantepse/texinfo_documentation_for_sagenot sure, but I think this needs to set texinfo_documents, tooMartin Rubey2 hours
u/pbruin/15601-power_series_pariTrac 15601: get_var() and new_ref() are now functionsPeter Bruin3 hours
u/rws/log_function_bugs_with_int_and_negative_base18970: doc restructuring to get the most out of typing log?Ralf Stephan2 hours
u/vdelecroix/2174521745: make floordiv returns a rationalVincent Delecroix81 min.
7.5.beta0commit 26d412436c...Volker Braun4 days
7.4commit 1b1e6f608d...Volker Braun6 days
7.4.rc2commit 9506114097...Volker Braun10 days
7.4.rc1commit 3a83086fb7...Volker Braun12 days
7.4.rc0commit 1744c6590c...Volker Braun2 weeks
7.4.beta6commit c5dadf92ec...Volker Braun4 weeks
7.4.beta5commit 0ae5fd8ffa...Volker Braun5 weeks
7.4.beta4commit e22bbb4538...Volker Braun7 weeks
7.4.beta3commit 8246a661bc...Volker Braun8 weeks
7.4.beta2commit 5cd62cb4b2...Volker Braun9 weeks
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6 daysUpdated SageMath version to 7.4HEAD7.4masterVolker Braun6-13/+10
10 daysUpdated SageMath version to 7.4.rc27.4.rc2Volker Braun6-10/+10
11 daysTrac #21567: Allow Sage to build on OS X 10.12 (Sierra)Release Manager3-1/+14
12 daysTrac #21675: Revert the renaming libfplll -> fplllRelease Manager9-2/+6
12 daysTrac #21672: Add a lock around running pipRelease Manager6-7/+68
12 daysTrac #21689: OpenBLAS build failures involving Fortran libraryRelease Manager1-0/+13
12 daysUpdated SageMath version to 7.4.rc17.4.rc1Volker Braun6-10/+10
13 daysAdd a lock around running pipu/jdemeyer/race_condition_in_pkg_resourcesJeroen Demeyer3-4/+65
13 daysUse $PIP_INSTALL instead of manually running pipJeroen Demeyer3-3/+3
13 daysFixing the compilation of utest so it uses ldflagsu/fbissey/utestFrançois Bissey1-0/+13