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authorDarij Grinberg <>2016-05-11 05:19:34 +0200
committerDarij Grinberg <>2016-05-11 05:19:34 +0200
commitedb1a33e776a3371def0acc07ab123812d9c2afa (patch)
parentanother doctest (one that is sensitive to max/min distinction) (diff)
fix sign error in is_max_weight_coindependent_generic
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/src/sage/matroids/matroid.pyx b/src/sage/matroids/matroid.pyx
index bfcc82c..8f30014 100644
--- a/src/sage/matroids/matroid.pyx
+++ b/src/sage/matroids/matroid.pyx
@@ -6579,7 +6579,7 @@ cdef class Matroid(SageObject):
The greedy algorithm. If a weight function is given, then sort the elements
- of ``X`` by decreasing weight, and otherwise use the ordering in which ``X``
+ of ``X`` by increasing weight, and otherwise use the ordering in which ``X``
lists its elements. Then greedily select elements if they are coindependent
of all that was selected before. If an element is not coindependent of the
previously selected elements, then we check if it is coindependent with the
@@ -6663,7 +6663,7 @@ cdef class Matroid(SageObject):
except (TypeError, ValueError):
raise TypeError("the weights argument does not seem to be a collection of weights for the set X.")
- wt = sorted(wt, reverse=True)
+ wt = sorted(wt)
if wt[-1][1] < 0:
raise ValueError("nonnegative weights were expected.")
Y = [e for (w, e) in wt]
@@ -6686,7 +6686,7 @@ cdef class Matroid(SageObject):
smres = []
for e in Y:
if len(res) >= 1: # This guarantees that ``smres`` is the elements of ``res`` that have strictly larger weight than ``e``.
- if wt_dic[e] < wt_dic[res[-1]]:
+ if wt_dic[e] > wt_dic[res[-1]]:
if self._corank(res) > r: