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* Optimize Psi2()u/jdemeyer/psi2Jeroen Demeyer2016-09-021-18/+27
* Workaround to prevent this calculation to blow the stackErik M. Bray2016-09-021-2/+1
Specifically, the CPython interpreter's symbol visibility analysis makes recursive calls into a function called `symtable_visit_expr`, and can overflow the stack when analyzing a very large expression of binary operators (this also came up in this ticket: While I seek a more general fix to that problem, we need to work around it. In this case the polynomial `psi` is converted one term at a time, and then summed, rather than summed first and then converted (resulting in evaluating a very large Singular polynomial). The result is the same either way though might be slightly slower with this workaround, though I haven't tested.