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developUpdated SageMath version to 8.4.beta6Volker Braun2 days
masterUpdated SageMath version to 8.3Volker Braun7 weeks
public/10184Some small reviewer changes.Travis Scrimshaw15 months
public/10224might need make -j1Dima Pasechnik3 years
public/10276QQ must be importedDima Pasechnik3 years
public/1048310483: Deprecate the use of non-strings as variable names in polynomial (quot...Simon King4 years
public/10483-110483: Deprecate the use of non-strings as variable names in polynomial (quot...Simon King4 years
public/10483-210483: various cosmetics addressing reviewer's commentsRalf Stephan4 years
public/10483-3Merge branch 'develop' into t/10483/public/10483-3Ralf Stephan19 months
public/10483-4Trac #10483: deprecate the misuse of symbolic variables as polynomial variableRalf Stephan13 months
public/10534trac #10534: fix picklingVincent Delecroix4 years
public/10561trac 10561 some typosFrédéric Chapoton2 years
public/10843trac #10843: add check keywords and an associated doctestFrancis Clarke4 years
public/10973Merge branch 'public/10973' in 8.4.b1Frédéric Chapoton5 weeks
public/11111-more_support_for_finite_dimensional_modules_and_algebras_with_basis11111: final doc improvementsNicolas M. Thiéry3 years
public/11187Merge branch 'develop' into public/11187Christian Stump2 years
public/11284trac #11284: Document all options of and Poset.plotNathann Cohen4 years
public/11736trac 11736 pep8Frédéric Chapoton23 months
public/11840trac #11840: reviewer's patch: consistent use of imperative definitionRalf Stephan5 years
public/12051Trac 12051: remove trailing whitespacesVincent Delecroix4 years
public/12121Merge branch 'develop' into t/12121/12121Ralf Stephan2 years
public/12212-experimentaltrac #12212 experimental jmol update (just for testing)Frédéric Chapoton4 years
public/12384Trac #12384: simplification and cleanupVincent Delecroix3 years
public/12410Added doctest for #12410.Travis Scrimshaw4 years
public/12560Fix precision in _AHE_newtonXavier Caruso11 days
public/12804Trac #12804: added a doctest during reviewSébastien Labbé3 years
public/12834Trac 12834: fix the french book that is using subs_exprVincent Delecroix3 years
public/12866Merge branch 'public/12866' into 7.3.rc0Frédéric Chapoton2 years
public/12867trac #12867: Broken doctestsNathann Cohen4 years
public/12955Trac 12955: fix polynomial ring creation via R['x']Vincent Delecroix3 years
public/12996refresh the branch on top of 7.3.b4Frédéric Chapoton2 years
public/1314Some other micro optimizations.Travis Scrimshaw5 years
public/13517nicer linebreaksMoritz Firsching18 months
public/13608Merge branch 'u/gagern/ticket/13608' of ssh:// into tmpRalf Stephan4 years
public/13711Trac 13711: add a doctest to the method charpolyVincent Delecroix3 years
public/13744Merge branch 'u/ncohen/13744' of into tmpNathann Cohen4 years
public/13825trac 13825 better code for roots in all Zmod(N)[x]Frédéric Chapoton5 months
public/13853Merge branch 'u/Bouillaguet/free_module' of ssh:// into...Ralf Stephan4 years
public/13917trac #13917: Broken doctestNathann Cohen5 years
public/14153trac 14153 unicode in documentationFrédéric Chapoton15 months
public/14304Fixing some more pxi includesDavid Roe3 years
public/14349trac #14349: move cl.* to cliquer/Nathann Cohen5 years
public/1443714437: add doctest for sympy bugRalf Stephan4 years
public/14490trac 14490 adding doctestFrédéric Chapoton2 years
public/14508trac #14508: better now?darij grinberg5 years
public/14645Further fixes to docbuilding of cvxoptJeroen Demeyer6 months
public/14654trac #14654: polytopes.<tab>Nathann Cohen4 years
public/14684Trac #14684: make conversion between free groups aware of generator namesMiguel Marco4 years
public/14802Merge branch 'u/vbraun/improve_dynamic_attributes_of_symbolic_expressions' of...Ralf Stephan4 years
public/14802-114802: remove tabsRalf Stephan4 years
public/14982Trac 14982: fix q_binomialVincent Delecroix3 years
public/14984Trac 14984: Cannot plot functions that use mpmath if complex numbers occur in...Eviatar Bach4 years
public/15140trac #15140: Broken doctestsNathann Cohen4 years
public/15187trac #15187 adding to the module listFrédéric Chapoton3 years
public/15288trac #15288: Dima wants the BIBD to be BlockDesigns.....Nathann Cohen4 years
public/15342complete cohomology computation for toric bundlesVolker Braun3 months
public/15375fixed doc errorsMark Shimozono3 years
public/15404Fix two bugs in coprime_integers and add testDavid Roe11 months
public/15448trac #15448 doc cleaning patchFrédéric Chapoton4 years
public/15456Merge branch 'develop' into u/chapoton/15456Anne Schilling3 years
public/15486Rewrote the __R_character variable of the ModularFormsAmbient_R function in m...Eric Larson5 years
public/15507trac #15507: Static sparse graphs on > 65536 verticesNathann Cohen5 years
public/15522fix conversion from gp strings to sage stringsFrédéric Chapoton3 weeks
public/15550trac #15550: rebase on 6.1.beta4Nathann Cohen5 years
public/15567trac #15567: two typosNathann Cohen5 years
public/15619trac #15619: Pickling multigraphs with loops and labelsNathann Cohen5 years
public/15623trac #15623: Removing the hack from #15622, update a variable's nameNathann Cohen5 years
public/15662trac #15662: Rebase on 6.1.beta5Nathann Cohen5 years
public/15705trac #15705: reviewer's patchNathann Cohen5 years
public/15719-doc_bugstrac #15719: Fix the doc problems in combinat/designs/Nathann Cohen5 years
public/15769trac #15769: replace "if len(L) > 0:" with "if L:"Nathann Cohen5 years
public/15810trac #15810: The graph data structures may have a ._directed but no .directedNathann Cohen5 years
public/15829trac 15829 one doc detailFrédéric Chapoton19 months
public/15862actually, probably no need for normalization in __classcall_private__Darij Grinberg4 years
public/15875trac #15875: A slightly more meaningful messageNathann Cohen3 years
public/15914latex fixedDarij Grinberg4 years
public/15985trac 15985 last old-style import in miscFrédéric Chapoton2 years
public/15989trac 15989 remove a future_import in order to prevent build failureFrédéric Chapoton2 years
public/15994trac #15994 changing doctests in explain_pickleFrédéric Chapoton3 years
public/16005optimization of edge_iteration in SparseGraphBackend + documentationVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16020Fixed similar failures in other language latex tutorials.Travis Scrimshaw4 years
public/16058trac #16058: Rebase on 6.2.rc0Nathann Cohen4 years
public/16069trac 16069 remove import in global_optionsFrédéric Chapoton2 years
public/16073Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into 16073André Apitzsch3 years
public/16074Restore (meta, *bases) arguments for with_metaclass()Jeroen Demeyer17 months
public/16075trac 16075 two detailsFrédéric Chapoton2 years
public/16079Merge branch 'public/16079' in 8.1.b8Frédéric Chapoton11 months
public/16080Merge branch 'public/16080' into 6.10.b5Frédéric Chapoton3 years
public/16082trac 16082 ! test branch for zip! do not merge !Frédéric Chapoton20 months
public/16100trac #16100: Avoid another exceptionNathann Cohen4 years
public/16110trac #16110 moved refs to main ref fileFrédéric Chapoton8 months
public/1620316203: implement ex.series_variable; disallow ex.series conversion into misma...Ralf Stephan4 years
public/16203-1Merge branch 'develop' into t/16203/public/16203-1Ralf Stephan4 years
public/16203-2Merge branch 'public/16203-1' of into tmp06Ralf Stephan3 years
public/16203-316203: fix string cmpRalf Stephan3 years
public/16204trac 16204 some more doc, plus code detailsFrédéric Chapoton2 years
public/16210simpler implementation + corrected doctestVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16211trac #16211: Broken docNathann Cohen4 years
public/16214trac #16214: TypoNathann Cohen4 years
public/16220optimization of edge_iteration in SparseGraphBackend + documentationVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16231trac #16231: Merged with updated #16227Nathann Cohen4 years
public/16235trac #16235: Merged with #16277Nathann Cohen4 years
public/16237trac #16237: TyposNathann Cohen4 years
public/16241trac #16241: Merged with updated #16235Nathann Cohen4 years
public/16256trac #16256: Rewrite the posets doc pageNathann Cohen4 years
public/16272trac #16272: Merged with 6.3.beta0Nathann Cohen4 years
public/1628116281: long comment for the construction of the projective planeVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16286trac #16286: Merged with updated #16277Nathann Cohen4 years
public/16288#16280: fix link in the doc + move import to its natural spotNicolas M. Thiéry4 years
public/16295fixed some small language typos and changed MOLS error messages into context ...brett stevens4 years
public/16308trac #16308: add the file arith_pyx.pyxVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16347trac #16347: fix doctest and speedup find_wilsonVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16347-bistrac #16347: doc + simplificationsVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16356trac #16356: MOLS for n=18,57,154,276,298,342Nathann Cohen4 years
public/16361trac #16361: merge updated #16461Vincent Delecroix4 years
public/16362libGAPify and cleanupDima Pasechnik4 years
public/16373trac #16373: merge #16361Vincent Delecroix4 years
public/16374trac #16374: fix OverflowError test to be platform independentVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16397-116397: restore transitivityRalf Stephan3 years
public/16409Merge branch 'u/wluebbe/ticket/16409' into 7.3.b6Frédéric Chapoton2 years
public/16412trac #16412: dangerous doctestNathann Cohen4 years
public/16423trac #16423: merge #16347Vincent Delecroix4 years
public/16424trac #16424: revamp 'is_triangular_number'Vincent Delecroix4 years
public/16440trac #16604: the helper as a standalone functionVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16446trac #16446: Broken doc linkNathann Cohen4 years
public/16452trac #16452: Making a concise sentence more concise.Nathann Cohen4 years
public/16461trac #16461: fix documentationVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16464trac #16464: fix doctestsVincent Delecroix4 years
public/16470trac #16470 reviewer's patchFrédéric Chapoton4 years
public/16475trac #16475: maximal->maximumNathann Cohen3 years