BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developUpdated SageMath version to 8.5.beta4Volker Braun16 hours
masterUpdated SageMath version to 8.4Volker Braun5 weeks
public/10184Some small reviewer changes.Travis Scrimshaw17 months
public/10224might need make -j1Dima Pasechnik3 years
public/10276QQ must be importedDima Pasechnik3 years
public/1048310483: Deprecate the use of non-strings as variable names in polynomial (quot...Simon King4 years
public/10483-110483: Deprecate the use of non-strings as variable names in polynomial (quot...Simon King4 years
public/10483-210483: various cosmetics addressing reviewer's commentsRalf Stephan4 years
public/10483-3Merge branch 'develop' into t/10483/public/10483-3Ralf Stephan21 months
public/10483-4Trac #10483: deprecate the misuse of symbolic variables as polynomial variableRalf Stephan15 months
public/10534trac #10534: fix picklingVincent Delecroix4 years
public/10561trac 10561 some typosFrédéric Chapoton2 years
public/10843trac #10843: add check keywords and an associated doctestFrancis Clarke4 years
public/10973Merge branch 'public/10973' in 8.4.b1Frédéric Chapoton3 months
public/11111-more_support_for_finite_dimensional_modules_and_algebras_with_basis11111: final doc improvementsNicolas M. Thiéry4 years
public/11187Merge branch 'develop' into public/11187Christian Stump3 years
public/11284trac #11284: Document all options of and Poset.plotNathann Cohen4 years
public/11736trac 11736 pep8Frédéric Chapoton2 years
public/11840trac #11840: reviewer's patch: consistent use of imperative def